Coaching Youth Gymnastics

Lloyd Readhead
Coaching Youth Gymnastics is an invaluable resource for both new coaches and also for more experienced teachers. Those who train coaches will also find much of value in the book. The various disciplines of gymnastics are explained, together with how they fit into the framework of international gymnastic competition, and the author discusses various coaching styles and how they might best be applied in different circumstances. Topics covered in this new book include the role of the coach; sports psychology; floor exercise skills; coaching use of apparatus and preparing for competition.
Coaching Youth Gymnastics by Lloyd Readhead

About the author

Lloyd Readhead is a former Director of Coach Education with British Gymnastics and has vast experience of coaching gymnasts and training coaches at all levels. As a British National Coach for Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Lloyd was the architect of the talent selection and development programme tht became the foundation upon which the success of British Men's Gymnastics was built, and has directed and tutored a number of international training courses on behalf of the world governing body for gymnastics (FIG) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).