Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators

Leigh Ann Gale
This beautiful book explores the world of colour in the plant kingdom and introduces the artist to effective practical methods of using colour in botanical painting. It focusses on the relevance of making accurate observations of colour in botanical specimens and recognizing the value and importance of using colour theory to achieve successful results. With over 500 images, this elaborately-illustrated guide uses the author’s finished artwork, diagrams, and step-by-step tutorials to explain the important role of colour in this compelling genre. This book is a must for all aspiring botanical artists, illustrators and students.
Colour for Botanical Artists and Illustrators by Leigh Ann Gale

About the author

Leigh Ann Gale is a professional botanical artist. She is a qualified tutor of botanical illustration who is known for her encouraging and supportive approach to teaching students, and is highly regarded as a mentor and advisor on the subject. She has been awarded medals for her work and has exhibited extensively around the world. Some of her paintings are held in private collections, as well as the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh, the Florilegium Society at Sydney Botanic Gardens, the Hampton Court Palace Archives, and the Nymans Florilegium in Sussex. She is Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect of the Hampton Court Palace Florilegium Society.

Press Reviews

This is one of the most thorough guides I have seen. It has a depth that makes it both invaluable and, I believe, unique. Providing a deep knowledge
and understanding, this is essential reading for any serious flower painter.

- Henry Malt - The Artist reviewer

Leigh Ann’s style is clear and packed with knowledge - it is evident that her teaching experience has informed the tutorials and examples that she has chosen to include. I would recommend this for anyone who wishes to improve their underlying and scientific knowledge of colour, and for those who like books with clear tutorials to follow in order to improve their own practice. I like to have a deeper understanding of the materials and techniques I am using, and this book certainly gave me that.

- Elanor Wexler, Association of Botanical Artists