Colourful Modern Calligraphy

Milly Withers
Master the art of modern calligraphy and use colour to create your own unique style. This book explains the basics of modern calligraphy, breaking down each stroke and letterform with helpful tips and useful guide sheets. But it does much more than this by showing you how to design and use colour to make your words come alive on paper. Bursting with the author’s enthusiasm, it features ten projects that showcase how to achieve professional results, how to use calligraphy in new ways and how to create a unique style for your work.
Colourful Modern Calligraphy by Milly Withers

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About the author

MILLY WITHERSis a calligrapher and tutor based in the south of England, and founder of Blink Lettering. She has a unique style that combines elegance with vibrant colours, and she has a passion for spreading the joy of colourful lettering.

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