Complete Guide to Polo

Lauren Dibble
The Complete Guide to Polo is the perfect resource for anyone interested in finding out more about this exciting game, especially those new to the sport. It discusses the history and evolution of the sport that we know today and its migration from India to Asia to Europe, and finally the Americas. It describes in detail the equipment used by both horse and rider, and offers advice on choosing one kind of equipment over another. The Complete Guide to Polo covers the horsemanship skills needed to excel in the game, and breaks down the swing into bite-sized chunks for analysis. It looks at basic polo strategy, explains the finer aspects of the rules of the sport, and compares the differences between the US and UK rule books. All in all it offers a great foundation for the beginner or intermediate player, the patron, or the spectator.
Complete Guide to Polo by Lauren Dibble

About the author

Lauren Dibble began life with two passions: horses and writing. She began her equestrian career at an early age, taking hunter/jumper lessons, but made the transition to polo shortly after. Lauren received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Intermont College, the leading equine programme in the United States. Throughout college and afterwards, she travelled internationally, palying in Central and South America, the US and the UK. She also spent time working in polo yards in Ireland.