Composting Techniques

Rod Weston
It is widely accepted that composting benefits both the environment and the garden, as a means of reducing waste while contributing to a healthy soil. This practical guide offers a host of composting techniques for the home, allotment and community gardener, as well as indoor and balcony composting for those without access to a garden. It explains the processes behind aerobic composting and anaerobic fermentation, and the conditions necessary to compost effectively without mess or smell.
Composting Techniques by Rod Weston

About the author

Rod Weston is an experienced home and allotment composter who gives frequent talks across the Midlands, UK. He has been a Garden Organic Leicestershire County Council Master Composter since 2009, promoting composting and encouraging both gardeners and householders to adopt it as a means of reducing waste sent to landfill. He was the East Midlands Regional Representative of the National Allotment Society and now concentrates on promoting composting within the NAS. He also manages a public compost demonstration site and community composting facility for plot holders at Stokes Wood Allotments, Leicester.

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