Contemporary British Ceramics

Ashley Thorpe
Ceramics is one of the most vibrant and engaging fields of contemporary British art. This lavishly illustrated book reviews the work of twenty-two artists and celebrates their contribution to its rich landscape. Written from a collector’s point of view, it explores what contemporary ceramic objects can mean, what emotions they evoke and how artists draw upon different facets of the art and crafts worlds in their work. A vital visual and critical resource, Contemporary British Ceramics showcases British ceramics as a compelling interdisciplinary practice, attuned to the contemporary world. Featuring more than 280 images, it encourages readers to look beneath the surface, to discover the vibrant contribution that British ceramics makes to the broad field of contemporary art.
Contemporary British Ceramics by Ashley Thorpe

About the author

Ashley Thorpe is a collector of ceramics, writer, playwright, performer and academic. Having seriously collected contemporary British studio ceramics for over fifteen years, he has extensive knowledge of the field. In 2019, the prestigious international journal Ceramics: Art + Perception awarded him their inaugural writing prize for an essay on the work of Tessa Eastman. He currently teaches Drama at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he gained his PhD.

Press Reviews

"An essential reference tool for anyone interested in modern ceramics."

- Emerging Potters magazine

This is an essential book to understand the current ideas of British ceramics. The author, Ashley Thorpe, is one of the most prestigious experts on the subject.

- Infoceramica reviewer