Contemporary Calligraphy

Gillian Hazeldine
Contemporary Calligraphy describes in detail and demonstrates clearly through the many accompanying diagrams, how to write formal scripts well and then adapt and vary them to enhance and interpret texts. The book begins with a historical overview of letters from the Trajan inscription of 110 AD to the Renaissance. There is a comprehensive section on tools and materials and how to begin. Then the focus is on good writing of six major scripts based on historical models, moving on to show how each script can be adapted through weight and form change, pen manipulation and pressure change to make it a lively and contemporary form. Design, layout, use of colour and information on paper are included, along with the use of alternative tools, the pencil and the pointed brush, to draw and paint letters. The book is a comprehensive and practical manual for both the beginner and for the more experienced student who wants to take their writing up to another level.
Contemporary Calligraphy by Gillian Hazeldine

About the author

Gillian Hazeldine is a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) and a Full Member of Letter Exchange. Originally trained in Graphic Design, she worked in advertising for twenty years before beginning calligraphy. Her work has been published in many books and journals and she teaches widely at all levels. She is co-author of the SSI's Correspondence Course and a tutor on the SSI's Advanced Training Scheme.