Contemporary Perspective on LMS Railway Signalling Vol 2

Allen Jackson
For over 150 years Britain's railways have relied on a system of semaphore signalling, but by 2020, all semaphore signals and lineside signal boxes will be gone. In his previous book, author Allen Jackson covered the GWR lines; here, he continues his journey by providing a pictorial record of the last operational signalling and infrastructure on Britain's railway network, as it applied to the former London, Midland and Scottish Railway (and lines owned jointly with other companies). This second volume covers the routes of the following companies: London and North Western Railway; Caledonian Railway and Highland Railway. It is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in the traditional signalling systems of railways in Britain. Beautifully illustrated with over 400 contemporary colour photographs with detailed information from a 2003-2014 survey. A companion to A Contemporary Perspective on LMS Railway Signalling Vol 1 - Semaphore Swansong (Crowood 2015).
Contemporary Perspective on LMS Railway Signalling Vol 2 by Allen Jackson

About the author

Allen Jackson first entered a signal box at the age of six and that fascination has lasted until the present day. He joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice and worked for some years on Cold War aircraft. He later qualified as a teacher and taught Maths, Physics and Mechanical Engineering Science at an apprentice training school. Later, in industry, he taught bespoke computer systems all over the world. In 2004 he established his own business, supporting UK fire and rescue services' 999 computer systems.