Contemporary Raku

Stephen Murfitt
Contemporary Raku is a complete guide to this exciting, dramatic and beautiful art form. It explains the making, glazing and firing methods employed for producing Raku-ware, and features contributions and insights from leading makers. Recognizing the deeper values of the practice, the book also considers the influences and sources of inspiration behind the work of these makers. It introduces the necessary tools and equipment, and advises on essential health and safety measures. It explains how to make vessels and forms with step-by-step photo sequences. Recipes for clay bodies and glazes for the beginner and the more experienced maker are included. Details are given on the Raku-firing process and the range of kilns used. Finally, it explores the practice of ‘Naked Raku’. With over 300 illustrations, it is a stunning and detailed account to this magical process.
Contemporary Raku by Stephen Murfitt

About the author

Raku has been Stephen Murfitt's main passion for the last forty years. He is a recognized authority on the process and continues to explore its infinite possibilities from his studio in Cambridgeshire.

Press Reviews

A very welcome addition to the sources of information about Raku making and how it has influenced current makers is the book by Stephen Murfitt – Contemporary Raku. Not only does it give you an insight into the influences of makers but goes into some detail about the actual production methods. The book is well illustrated with examples of work. For too long Raku has been overlooked, but it is now experiencing a resurgence. A very good reference source for any studio.

- Paul Bailey - Emerging Potters

'I join my fellow ceramists in registering my appreciation of Stephen Murfitt's new book on Raku. Stephen's writing is clear and transparent and enjoys a nicely judged balance between aesthetics and practicality. I particularly like the way the personal accounts of featured artists provide insights into the creative process and give perspective to the technical content.'

- David Roberts, Raku Ceramics

'Contemporary Raku' includes insightful information about both Raku and naked Raku, kilns, kiln building and firing techniques, clays and materials and a section devoted to Health and Safety. Glaze recipes and clay bodies for both the beginner and the experienced practitioner are also included in this lavishly illustrated, excellent book which is highly recommended.

- Peter Warren, Reviewer Anglian Potters