Cool-Climate White Wine Oenology

Volker Schneider Mark Tracey
Cool-Climate White Wine Oenology is dedicated exclusively to the technology and science of white still wines and sparkling base wines, as they are produced by the rapidly growing British wine industry and in countries with a similar climate. It has a strong focus on sensory issues and guides the reader through the entire process of white winemaking − from the crush pad to bottling – clearly defining which measures to take and which to avoid. Whilst this book does not neglect the scientific fundamentals of oenology, it also gives numerous practical hints and technical details of hands-on winery work and provides valuable insights into the inherently cross-disciplinary nature of white winemaking and a holistic view of one of the most fascinating fields of contemporary oenology.
Cool-Climate White Wine Oenology by Volker Schneider Mark Tracey

About the author

VOLKER SCHNEIDER has an industry background, was lecturer of oenological chemistry at Geisenheim University (Germany), and founder of the international consulting firm Schneider-Oenologie, which specialises in quality control, product development and research. He has authored a series of scientific papers and more than 450 technical articles on these topics.

Mark Tracey is an emeritus professor of engineering at the University of Hertfordshire with an applied research interest in new winemaking technologies and processes. He collaborates with small-scale Italian producers in researching new-generation, low-volume oenology tools and also makes his own experimental wines.

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