Core Connection for Rider and Horse

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid
The book outlines the connections within - the different factors affecting the horse/rider partnership (e.g. rider biomechanics, horse posture and proprioception, saddle balance, mental focus, how horses learn). Lindsay looks at how we can improve our own biomechanics, explains dysfunction patterns in the rider's body, and offers cutting-edge anti-spasm and nerve-mobility exercises to improve the rider's shock-absorption capacity. A chapter on fluidity and flow provides a unique standing exercise series to mobilise postural lines and unwind stuck patterns. There is an 8-week conditioning programme of short workouts, focussing on balancing the hip muscles and spinal mobility; and for the horse, a selection of highly effective exercises to improve his posture, carriage and muscle recruitment. There are tricks and tips to reduce training trials and tribulations, including how to sit even the biggest-moving horse's trot. She even explains how to teach your horse a language of aids for clear communication between horse and rider. The mind/body connection is also examined, using Emotional Freedom Technique to reduce performance anxiety and develop the skills of mental rehearsal - absolutely vital for creating and stimulating neural pathways for learning dressage tests, jumping a confident show jumping round or even just hacking without fear affecting performance.
Core Connection for Rider and Horse by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

About the author

LINDSAY WILCOX-REID is a British Dressage trainer, rider Pilates teacher and Biomechanics Coach(TM). Her unique understanding of the trainer/rider/horse dynamic and approach to learning make this book an indispensable tool.

Press Reviews

'Whether you just enjoy hacking out or you have serious competition ambitions, this book will help you understand all about biomechanics and how to apply it when you are in the saddle.'

- Horse Magazine

"Wilcox-Reid is an experienced dressage trainer who applies her knowledge of animal behavior, biomechanics and psychology to deepen the bond between horse an human and help you achieve equestrian mastery."

- Pilates Style magazine