Creative and Experimental Photography

John Humphrey
More photos are taken than ever before, but most are neglected and unused. This book suggests new creative directions and explains how you can produce distinctive and exciting works of art. Packed with technical advice and in-depth practical detail, it shows you how to use cameras and equipment for experimental photography. There are ideas on how to develop a creative eye and a personal photographic style. It explains when to use the rules of composition, and when to break them and shows you how to create amazing pictures from everyday objects. It provides inspiration, ideas and techniques for making abstract and pattern pictures, and using textures for artistic impact. Finally, it advises on using software to convert pictures to artwork and how to present art images for maximum effect. Through step-by-step guides and stunning examples, it also helps you create images that tell a personal story. It’s an essential guide to help you take photos that count, not just click away.
Creative and Experimental Photography by John Humphrey

About the author

John Humphrey is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. He specializes in art and abstract photography, and in close-up and macro work. He regularly presents photographic workshops, contributes to the photographic press, and judges and advises on international photography competitions. This is his second book published by Crowood.

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