Design Handbook for Stables and Equestrian Buildings

Keith Warth
A guide to stable design - practical and full of inspiration and advice. Among the detailed topics discussed are: * Basic requirements of a good stable * Planning a yard - optimum layout and planning permission * Constructing and kitting out stables - flooring, drainage, roofing, walls, doors, windows, stable fittings * Key yard constructions - e.g. feed rooms, tack rooms, rug storage areas, washing-down rooms * Turnout, schooling and training facilities - e. g. lungeing arenas, outdoor and indoor schools * Services, fire precautions and waste disposal - drainage, electricity and water supply, muck disposal, safety * Converting existing buildings, and maintenance and repair The basic principles of good stable design are relevant for all horses and ponies - so whether accommodating an Olympic equine athlete or a family pony, any horse or pony in your care should be housed in a safe environment which caters adequately for his needs - and this book shows you how
Design Handbook for Stables and Equestrian Buildings by Keith Warth

About the author

Keith Warth is a practising architect based near Cambridge. He specialises in designing stables and yards for horses, both small scale and large. He cares passionately for the well-being of horses and how they are kept, and this is reflected in the advice given in this book, his second for J.A. Allen on the matter of stable design.