Designing and Building a Miniature Aero-Engine

Chris Turner
Designing and building a miniature aero-engine is an exciting and rewarding task. Whether a professional engineer or an amateur looking to build an engine to fly your model aeroplane, this book will safely guide you through all the stages of designing and constructing an aero-engine in your workshop at home. With practical advice and details diagrams throughout, the book includes: machine tools, materials and accessories required; designing the engine, including a focus on proportion, valve timing and engine balancing; the manufacture of carburettors, assembly and setting up and, finally, choosing an aircraft for a home-designed miniature engine.
Designing and Building a Miniature Aero-Engine by Chris Turner

About the author

Chris Turner enjoyed drawing, painting and model making from an early age, making many flying models whilst still at school. In 1959 he completed an engineering apprenticeship at the National Gas Turbine Establishment, and went on to work as a draughtsman in private industry and a chief engineer for the design and development of special purpose machinery. From 1976 he taught Technical Studies and Art in secondary education. Chris retired in 1996 but still teaches part-time, and continues to make models and paint pictures.