Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls’ House

Rebecca Micallef
Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls' House is a step-by-step guide for those new to the hobby who would love to dive in the amazing world of dolls’ houses and miniatures. It will enable you to build a Victorian Period Dolls’ House in 1:12 scale using a combination of room boxes. With over 300 colourful photos and illustrations to guide you through the way, it also includes a guide to choosing the right dolls’ house project, A list of tools, supplies and materials needed to build a doll’s house and information about how and where to use them, A step-by-step guide to building a six-roomed Victorian dolls’ house and decorating the exterior and the interior of the project, An explanatory tutorial on installing lighting in the dolls’ house, How to furnish and add miniatures to your dolls’ house project and a Step-by-step tutorials showing how to make several miniature projects for the dolls’ house with the use of pieces that you might find in your own home.
Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls’ House by Rebecca Micallef

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About the author

REBECCA MICALLEFwas born in Canada, but grew up in Malta where she still lives with her husband and three children. At the age of seventeen, she started building her very first collector’s dolls’ house, which took six years as she was entirely self-taught and hand-crafted the majority of the miniatures herself. Since then, she has built over 35 dolls’ houses in different styles and periods. She has written a number of articles and tutorials for dolls’ house magazines and can often be found at international dolls’ house shows sharing her passion and knowledge.

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