Do You Speak Equis?

Antonello Radicchi
Do You Speak Equis? outlines a method of communication with the horse using the head collar and the bit in a way that is non-coercive and based on mutual understanding and reciprocal respect. The aim of the method is to develop a horse who carries himself with lightness from the outset of training. Topics covered include communicative action and receptive reaction; natural flexions; aggressive horses and how to work with them; interaction with head collar and finally, introducing the bit.
Do You Speak Equis? by Antonello Radicchi

About the author

Antonello Radicchi is one of Italy's foremost horse-trainers, specializing in dressage, and has been the director of the Reschio Stables since 2003. In a career spanning twenty-five years he has trained over 400 horses. He studied in depth horse etiology and developing communication between horse and man, and as a result founded and developed FEEL (Formation of Ethology and Equitation in Lightness), a ground-breaking technique of horse-training that is producing some of the most responsive and versatile dressage animals in the world.