Dog Enrichment

Anna Muir
Enrichment engages your dog in activities that stimulate them mentally, physically and socially to meet their natural behavioural needs, leaving them happier, calmer and with fewer behaviour problems. Activities for your dog don’t need to cost the earth, and the examples in this book use everyday household items to enrich your dog’s life through choice, problem solving and breed-specific behaviour outlets. The games range from easy to hard, ensuring that every dog is challenged at their appropriate level, and there are plenty of options depending on how much time you have, making sure that everyone is a winner. This book is about getting everyone involved, whether they have two legs or four, to build and maintain a happy family.
Dog Enrichment by Anna Muir

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About the author

Dr Anna Muir is the founder of Forests & Fetch: Dog Training and Behaviour and was awarded Best Dog Training & Behaviour Expert 2023 by the Welsh Enterprise Awards. She holds a PhD in Zoology, is an assessed and accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and is a member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. Anna is passionate about building communication between dogs and their owners, and uses her scientific background to ensure that her training methods are in line with the latest research in dog behaviour. 

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