Domestic Solar Energy

Gavin Harper
Domestic Solar Energy is brimming with advice and information that will be of value to all those who are interested in making the optimum use of solar energy in the home. The author considers the impact of global warming and the international energy crisis before explaining how the home owner can evaluate the energy performance of his, or her, house and make better use of natural lighting. All aspects are covered of the installation of photovoltaic cells to a residential property using solar power to produce domestic electricity and to heat water. The costs are calculated and the benefits of installing a solar energy system are assessed.
Domestic Solar Energy by Gavin Harper

About the author

Gavin Harper BSc (Hons), MSc, consults for the PURE Energy Centre in Shetland and has written for a variety of magazines and websites. His work has been featured in Science journal, he is a regular conributor to Green Building Magazine and is the author of the best-selling book Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius (Tab Electronics, 2007).