Mitch Peacock
For centuries, dovetail joints have been instrumental in holding wood together. Though modern mass-production of furniture means that most such joints are now machine-cut instead, there is still a place for traditional hand-cut dovetails in low-volume, high-quality furniture making and, increasingly, in the work of the hobbyist woodworker. Dovetails is a comprehensive guide to the hand-tool preparation of dovetail joinery. Containing over 400 photographs and diagrams, it details how to make 28 dovetail joints, from the simplest example through to complicated puzzle joints.
Dovetails by Mitch Peacock

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About the author

Mitch Peacock is a retired engineer who has been designing and making with wood for over two decades. Almost entirely self-taught, he also teaches many others, in person, online and through magazine articles. He is best known online for his mastery of hand-crafted joints, both Western and Japanese.

Mitch is a regular contributor to Woodworking Crafts and Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazines, and also contributes to a number of other woodworking magazines and forums. Over the years, Mitch has completed a number of private, retail and clerical commissions, and now makes a limited number of woodworking tools, alongside the occasional interesting commission.

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