Draughtproofing and Insulation

Tony Cowling
Many households will be paying 10–15% more than they should on their heating bill because of draughts, and when a lack of insulation is also an issue, that figure goes up. However, many draughts are easily fixed, and for a little outlay a considerable sum can be saved. Insulation can often be installed by the homeowner and lead to a substantial reduction in heating bills. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of draughtproofing and insulation, with principles and techniques that can be applied in all homes.
Draughtproofing and Insulation by Tony Cowling

About the author

Tony Cowling graduated from Reading University in the late 70s with two degrees but then, unusually, he became a builder. This has given him an in-depth knowledge of how things are built, which has proved very useful in diagnosing where draughts inside buildings are coming from and how to prevent them making buildings cold. Having retired nearly twenty years ago, he now spends much of his time assisting local charities and helping to progress various renewable energy projects in Reading. For the past ten years, Tony has been leading the Reading DraughtBusters, helping some of the most vulnerable in society reduce their energy bills by draughtproofing their homes.

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