Drawing and Painting People

Emily Ball
Drawing and Painting People - A Fresh Approach is about confident and defiant art. Written by a practising artist and tutor, it contains inspiring examples, thought-provoking insights and practical advice about how to become more expressive and adventurous with your work. It is a book for people who are serious about painting and want to develop work that is personal and exceptional in quality.

An unpretentious, non-academic approach to painting and drawing

Avoiding 'painting by numbers'

Strategies for independent working, building confidence and taking risks

Examples from notable artists

The body as an inspiring muse
Drawing and Painting People by Emily Ball

About the author

Emily Ball trained at Exeter College of Art, and later at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and now runs highly successful courses in contemporary painting and drawing, as well as continuing to develop and exhibit her own work as an artist. She has a reputation for providing high-quality tuition to students of all abilities and experiences, and has an uncompromising passion for painting. Resident - Brighton