Dressage Horse Optimized with the Masterton Method

Jim Masterton
Welcome to dressage like you've never seen it before! In this fascinating and highly illustrated book, Jim Masterson - creator of the Masterson Method - works with a crack team of experts to demonstrate the unique demands put on the physiology of the modern dressage horse and how this affects his training. He explains what riders can do to improve the horse's ability to perform the movements required at different levels using the acclaimed Masterson Method.
Dressage Horse Optimized with the Masterton Method by Jim Masterton

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About the author

Jim Masterson's equine massage is an effective method of bodywork that anyone can use to improve performance, while at the same time opening new levels of trust and communication with the horse. Jim is the author of the bestselling book Beyond Horse Massage and the DVDs Beyond Horse Massage and Dressage Movements Revealed. He teaches Masterson Method seminars and advanced courses to horse owners, trainers, and therapists worldwide (mastersonmethod.com). He is based in the USA but visits the UK regularly.

Press Reviews

'Do not be fooled by the title. Jim Masterson's new DVD, Dressage Movements Revealed, is a necessary addition to any rider's library, dressage or otherwise. In fact, the horse world has needed this helpful tool for quite a while.'

- Jec Aristotle Ballou