Dry Exotic Garden

Paul Spracklin
Discover everything you need to know about designing, choosing and planting cacti and succulents to create a drought-tolerant garden in this lavishly illustrated guide with experts forecasting reduced summer rainfall, xeriscaping – the practice of landscaping with minimal water – is now a popular choice for many gardeners. In this comprehensive guide, expert sub-tropical garden designer Paul Spracklin shares his extensive knowledge of creating dry gardens with detailed descriptions of more than 400 varieties, and what you need to know to care for them. Whether contemplating a new design for a complete garden, a makeover for a sunny corner or simply a few containers for the patio, xeriscaping represents a viable option for future-proofing your garden.

Written for the gardener, designer, enthusiast and horticulturist, this book provides:

• Expert advice on drainage and planting mediums
• Design know-how on xeriscaping your garden
• Practical advice on planting and caring for succulents in beds and containers
• A comprehensive directory of over 400 varieties
Dry Exotic Garden by Paul Spracklin

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About the author

PAUL SPRACKLINis a garden designer with a passion for the exciting effects that can be achieved with sub-tropical style plants. He has written several articles for the RHS in The Garden magazine and The Plant Review, and his dry exotic garden in Essex features in newspapers, magazines, books and television.