Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring

Jim Hogan James Home
If you are a typical student of Taekwond-Do, or any other other martial art that practises semi-free, continuous sparring, then this book is for you. Written specifically for club-level martial artists, Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring bridges the gap between the wider Taekwon-Do syllabus and the particular demands of sparring. In order to do this, the authors go right back to basics. The fundamentals of stance, movement and defence are analysed in detail and significantly adapted for the sparring arena. Core attacking techniques are reviewed and, if necessary, modified in order to improve their effectiveness in typical sparring scenarios. Finally, basic elements of sparring strategy such as assessing opponents, creating openings, effective combinations and counter-attacks are examined.
Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring by Jim Hogan James Home

About the author

Master Jim Hogan is an internationally renowned Taekwon-Do instructor who dominated the UK tournament scene in the 1980s, becoming European Champion in sparring in 1984. With over two decades of teaching experience, Master Hogan is a highly sought-after teacher and coach. Master Hogan holds the rank of 7th degree black belt and runs his own Taekwon-Do association, Hogan's Institute of Taekwon-Do, with clubs in London and Surrey where he continues to teach. Resident - Surrey
James Home, a 4th degree black belt in Taekwond-Do, is a senior student and assistant instructor of Master Jim Hogan. An enthusiastic student and teacher of Taekwond-Do, James trains and teaches in Surrey where he runs his own club. Resident - Surrey