Electric Kilns for Ceramics

Jo Davies
This title gives a clear, thorough and practical account of firing, but goes further and explains the techniques and ideas behind this magical stage of making. It highlights commonly-overlooked details that can lead to disastrous results and shares tips to help you achieve the best from your kiln. With over 100 photos, it also profiles leading makers and shows how their use of kilns contributes to their unique and beautiful work. Whether read from cover to cover by the novice or used as a reference book by the more experienced, this book will be your handbook to successful and confident firing.
Electric Kilns for Ceramics by Jo Davies

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About the author

Jo Davies is a ceramicist who specializes in wheel-thrown porcelain. After training at the Royal College of Art, she set up a studio to make and exhibit her work alongside running a kiln-firing service in East London for twelve years until 2019. She has always recognized the importance of firing in her work - experimentation and testing drove new ideas in her early career and continue to develop her practice today.

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