EM33 American Web Equipment 1910-1967

Martin J Brayley
In this book, a follow-up to the same author's well-received study of British web equipment, Martin Brayley gives a detailed illustrated overview of the webbing straps, holsters, carriers and haversacks used by American combat troops from before World War One to the Vietnam War.
Hundreds of different items are photographed, and the often small differences between suppliers and periods are pointed in the learned and informative text.
This book offers collectors and students of militaria a detailed and authoritative review of the development of the US Army's web equipment. It tells the story from the first M1910 set taken to France by the 'Doughboys' of World War One to the M1956 and its M1967 replacement worn by the 'grunts' in Vietnam. Superbly illustrated with more than 100 full-colour photographs. Martin Brayley is a prolific collector of military equipment and is a photographer by profession.
EM33 American Web Equipment 1910-1967 by Martin J Brayley
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About the author

Martin Brayley is a leading collector of military equipment and respected photographer and contributor to specialist journals in Britain and on the Continent.