Ann Norfield
Etching can seem mysterious and inaccessible, but this practical book guides you through the process to reveal the potential of this distinctive means of creating artists' prints. With clear instructions and visual guides, it explains the many ways that marks are first made on a metal plate before ink is applied and the image transferred onto a sheet of paper. The book goes on to introduce a broad menu of techniques, allowing the visual artist to develop a uniquely personal approach. Topics include the materials and equipment needed to get started, from the simple etching needle and scraper-burnisher to the etching press. Explanations are given for photo-etching, aquatint, as well as related intaglio processes such as drypoint and photopolymer. This new book encourages artists to experiment and try combining techniques to explore their potential, and includes interviews with leading artists explaining their approaches.
Etching by Ann Norfield

About the author

Ann Norfield is an artist specializing in printmaking. She exhibits widely and her work is held in many private, national and international collections. She has taught for many years and was one of the founders of the thriving East London Printmakers Studio.

Press Reviews

This book is a great guide for anyone who is new to the wonders of intaglio printmaking. The attraction to this book is the clear language that is used with excellent photographs to help explain each process. A must-have book for every print studio!

- Printmaking Today

" While comprehensive and authoritative, this is a welcoming introduction to the equipment and working methods of etching. "

- The Artist