Fair Isle

Nic Corrigan
Whether you’re an experienced hand knitter taking up machine knitting for the first time or an established machine knitter looking for the confidence and knowledge to further your skills, this accessible book offers a step-by-step guide to the practical techniques of Fair Isle knitting on the machine and the considerations that are specific to two-colour knitting. Includes 5 full patterns with colour charts.
Fair Isle by Nic Corrigan

About the author

Nic Corrigan is the knitwear designer and tutor behind the label, Whitehall Studio. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, specializing in knitwear, before developing her career in the fashion industry. In 2020, she founded the Machine Knit Community, an online space for machine knitters of all levels.

Press Reviews

a comprehensive guide to colourwork using a knitting machine. It’s aimed at complete beginners and those who want to move on from the basics, supported with step-by-step photos and projects. For those who want to take things further, there’s advice on how to add Fairisle sections to any garment and how to design your own patterns on punchcards.

- Jane Roe, Knitting Magazine