Feet First

Nic Barker Sarah Braithwaite
This ground-breaking book explores the issues surrounding barefoot horses in the UK and looks in detail at how to improve overall hoof health, in both shod and barefoot horses. This new edition in paperback offers practical, hands-on advice on achieving barefoot performance in a variety of disciplines - from eventing and hunting to endurance - focussing on the essential elements for healthy hooves: diet, environment, exercise and trimming or shoeing. In addition, the book has step-by step advice on rehabilitating problem hooves with case studies of horses with a range of issues, from navicular or tendon damage to metabolic disorders like laminitis and insulin resistance. The authors have successfully ridden and competed their own horses barefoot for many years and have helped many hundreds of their clients' horses work successfully without shoes.
Feet First by Nic Barker Sarah Braithwaite

About the author

Nic Barker is the co-owner of Rockley Farm in Devon, a specialist equine rehabilitation centre for horses with hoof-related lameness. She has been passionate about horses and their health and welfare from an early age, and is a firm believer in the barefoot philosophy. she has ridden, hunted and competed her own horses barefoot for many years, and is the co-author of Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation.
Sarah Braithwaite lives in North Wales and has a busy hoofcare practice, focussing on hoof rehabilitation and performance. With a background in endurance, she works and competes her own horses not only over long distances but also show-jumping, cross-country and hunting.