Fitness Boxing

Andy Dumas Jamie Dumas
The benefits of boxing training are many: weight loss and toning, improved speed, strength, stamina, coordination, balance and flexibility. Fitness Boxing covers all the techniques used in a boxer's training programme and shows how to tailor these to suit individual needs through the use of colour photographs and step-by-step guidance. It's a comprehensive guide to a non-contact cardiovascular workout that's safe, effective and enjoyable.
Fitness Boxing by Andy Dumas Jamie Dumas

About the author

Andy Dumas is a Canadian Boxing Coach and Certified Fitness Consultant and works with the WBC developing 'The World School of Boxing'. He also hosts and produces a number of TV fitness and sports shows. He lives, writes, teaches and works out in Ontario, Canada.
Jamie Dumas has an Honours Bachelor Science Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and extensive experience in the fitness industry. She is a trainer of fitness instructors and develops a variety of programmes and workshops for fitness clubs.