Foil Fencing

John Routledge
Fencing is a sport that demands exceptional speed, agility and timing. As the lightest of the three weapons, the foil additionally requires precise technique and intelligent strategies – something that only comes with practice. Combining the author’s advanced knowledge of foil fencing and background in visual communication, this practical book offers key exercises for developing technique, providing a comprehensive insight into the skills and strategies needed to become a competitive fencer. Key topics covered include: the best moments to initiate an attack; how to understand distance and timing and a look at the best practices employed by top international fencers. Shows footwork exercises along with illustrated examples and features over 120 stunning photos and precise, detailed diagrams.
Foil Fencing by John Routledge

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About the author

John Routledge is an experienced foil fencing coach who was trained internationally by renowned champions Petru Kuki, Dmitri Chevtchenko and Ziemek Wojciechowski. After achieving his FIE international coaching diploma in Bucharest, John was a Talent Coach for British Fencing, helping to support the Athlete Development Programme. In 2019, he coached the winning England U17 and U20 foil teams at the Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships. John's ethos is to aid the empowerment and development of young people through sport. 

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