Full Contact Kickboxing

Andy Dumas James Turner
The sport of Full Contact Kickboxing demands the highest degree of technical skill, physical conditioning and intellectual discipline. Athletes must rely on their technical expertise by throwing all kicks above the waist and winning the bout purely with kickboxing techniques. A structured training programme is therefore essential. Full Contact Kickboxing is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of kickboxing training. Combining the expertise of an experienced coach and kickboxing champion, it provides the motivation and techniques needed to make better choices in and out of the ring, and to become a disciplined and successful competitor. Featuring over 380 photographs, this valuable training guide will help readers to swiftly progress and gain a competitive edge. It will be of great interest to all those interested in kickboxing principles, from amateurs to professionals, from boxers to martial artists.
Full Contact Kickboxing by Andy Dumas James Turner

About the author

Andy Dumas is a distinguished Canadian boxing coach, certified fitness consultant, instructional author, TV personality and motivational speaker. Working alongside the World Boxing Council, Andy has been integral in the development of The World School of Boxing, which offers best procedures and practices for physical training and medical basics. This is his third book for Crowood. 

James Turner is an accomplished kickboxing champion and Hall of Fame martial artist. He competes internationally as well as being a sought-after seminar instructor. Alongside his fighting career, James is passionate about contributing to the martial arts community, and teaches kickboxing and self-defence to schools, fitness gyms, private groups and corporate clients.

Press Reviews

Shingo Fukushima, respected Kickboxing Historian from Japan, reflects on the book as: "... by far the best instructional book on the subject. The book would be a tremendous help for both the complete novice and seasoned pros alike. It just covers everything from the history to the fundamental techniques, training drills and how to design your own training schedule.
What the book sets apart it from the classics from the yesteryear is the use of the high-definition photographs."

- Shingo Fukushima

Curtis Bush, 5x World Champion and internationally renowned all-time great of the sport, simply calls our publication: "The best book on Full Contact Kickboxing!"

- Curtis Bush

A book like this will help any Instructor or student to change, modify or improve (or add new) training methods, as it doesn’t just cover the fighting aspect, but also the training. The book is laid out nicely, covers a great deal and whether you practice Kickboxing or not, it will enhance your Taekwon-do, as well as offer Taekwon-do (and of course Kickboxing) Instructors, new idea’s and routines for their Dojang or gym.

- Stuart Anslow, Totally Taekwondo Magazine

We are blown away! This book truly is a complete guide and covers all areas of our sport! The training routines and the insights into the mental & physical aspects are detailed & brilliant! We highly recommend adding this spectacular gem to your bookshelf!

- Sensei "Iron" Ron Murray, 3 Time World Champion Kickboxer & World Professional Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Member

Full Contact Kickboxing is truly a one of a kind book. It breaks down the sport on a physical level, so that one can learn & improve technique, as well as on an emotional & spiritual level. You can learn the rich history of the sport that paved the way for the combat sports world. James the Dragon is a legend of the sport and his love & passion spills out on every page..."

- Sensei Kyle "Like Whoa" Murray, World Kickboxing Champion