Functional Training

Ross Young
Functional Training: Build, Connect, Perform provides a unique framework that enables anyone to develop a more athletic physique, and improve their performance in their chosen sport. The framework reduces injuries in competition, maximizes all-round athleticism and enables continued progression. It has been tried and tested proven with over 100 athletes around Europe competing in multiple sporting disciplines over ten years. The concepts in this book enable ongoing development of performance gains; you create programmes to suit your body type, athletic development needs and sporting ambitions.
Functional Training by Ross Young

About the author

Ross Young received a scholarship from British Rowing to complete his Master's Degree in Strength & Conditioning Coaching from Teesside University in 2010. He has worked with athletes ranging from amateur weekend warriors to full time professionals in a variety of sports as diverse as rugby union, rowing, table tennis, triathlon, golf and equestrian. Ross has been a coach at University and Youth Talent level with Gloucester Rugby's U16 academy. He has also held consultant coaching roles for a number of rowing and rugby clubs and provided strength and conditioning consultancy for Gibraltar's National Rugby team.