Gardener's Guide to Biological Pest Control

Julian Ives
Biological pest control provides a natural, safe and sustainable way to control insect pests. Increasingly recognized by professional and hobby growers alike, it’s fast becoming the best solution for insect pest control in the garden. A Gardener’s Guide to Biological Pest Control applies the latest practices from professional horticulture and botanical gardens to all garden settings, including greenhouses, vegetable plots, lawns and borders. It guides the gardener from the very start of the process, outlining the conditions required for successful application and which natural enemies to use against which insect pest, to how to ensure successful, sustainable pest control in the long term. Quote from Robert Brett - Curator, RHS Garden Hyde Hall: "Having worked in glasshouses and public gardens for over thirty years, I have witnessed first-hand the vital importance that natural predators (biological control) have to play in helping combat the problems we continually face with plant health. There is no one more equipped and knowledgeable to help illustrate and guide us in the use of natural predators in the garden than Julian Ives."
Gardener's Guide to Biological Pest Control by Julian Ives

About the author

Julian Ives is a Director of Dragonfli Ltd, a company he founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing biological pest control to the gardener. Julian spent his early career advising professional growers on how to use biological pest control whilst working for Koppert Biological Systems, and now also advises a number of leading botanical gardens in how to manage insect pests using biological control.

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