Gardener's Guide to Soil

The soil in your garden or allotment is the most precious asset you have as a gardener – healthy plants start with healthy soil. Written by two soil science specialists, this book explains the fundamentals of soil science in a horticultural context and provides practical guidance on how to optimize the soil in your garden. The main types of soil and their key characteristics are discussed, including the implications for different plants and how the soil can be improved, with an emphasis on working with nature, not against it. Techniques for assessing soil health are described in step-by-step detail, with recommendations for ways this can be enhanced. A detailed overview of the life in the soil, from bacteria to moles, shows how to harness this ecosystem and increase biodiversity. There is a chapter on container growing media tackles patio gardening and the use of raised beds. Finally, detailed examples from around the UK are provided to illustrate the scientific principles in practice.