Gem Identification Made Easy

Antoinette Leonard Matlins Antonio C Bonanno
Gem Identification Made Easy explains in non-technical terms how to use pocket, portable and laboratory instruments to identify diamonds and coloured gems and to separate them from imitations and 'look-alikes'. This work helps you learn how to tell the difference between them; and recognize the limitations of your skill and when to employ the services of a professional gemmologist or laboratory. The book's approach is direct and practical, and its style easy to understand. With this highly accessible guide, anyone can begin to master gem identification.
Gem Identification Made Easy by Antoinette Leonard Matlins Antonio C Bonanno

About the author

Antoinette Leonard Matlins is the gemmology editor for a jewellery magazine and her articles and comments on gems, jewellery and gem investment appear in many international consumer and trade publications.

Antonio C. Bonanno, FGA, ASA, MGA, noted gemmologist and appraiser, is the founder and president of National Gem Appraising Laboratory, and director of the Columbia School of Gemology. He is a fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain and an associate of the Alumni of the Gemological Institute of America.