German Automatic Weapons of World War II

Robert Bruce
In this new paperback editon of German Automatic Weapons of World War II, the seven classic automatic weapons of the World War II German Wehrmacht are described and illustrated in colour photographs. Detailed sequences show them in close-up; during step-by-step field stripping; and during handling, loading, and live-firing trials in outdoor settings, by gunners wearing authentic period uniforms. The illustrations are accompanied by concise accounts of each weapon's historical and technical background, and by accessible non-technical descriptions of its firing characteristics. Guns covered are: Mauser Schellfeuer machine pistol; Erma MP40 sub-machine gun; MG34 machine gun; MG42 machine gun; FG42/1 & II paratroop assault weapons; Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.
German Automatic Weapons of World War II by Robert Bruce

About the author

Robert Bruce is a US Army Sergeant First Class and a former infantryman, tank crewman and military intelligence analyst. An internationally published magazine writer and book author, photojournalist, archivist, lecturer and authority on military small arms of the 20th century, he has been shooting, evaluating and writing about the world's infantry weapons for over 25 years. Resident : USA