Greenwood Crafts

Edward Mills Rebecca Oaks
Britain has a long and rich tradition of woodcrafts and what, since about the 1970s, have been called the 'greenwood crafts'. Greenwood crafts focus on using wood that contains sap and that is easy to work with simple hand tools to produce beautiful and useful products.
Greenwood Crafts by Edward Mills Rebecca Oaks

About the author

Edward Mills carried out his first coppicing in Essex in 1981, and, ever since, his career has enabled him to carry out coppicing of woodlands in counties all over England. In 2003 Edward purchased his own coppice woodland in the Lake District and is an enthusiastic proponent of all things greenwood. In 2004 he became a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Foresters.
Rebecca Oaks set up her own coppice business in 1994. Mentored by Bill Hogarth, the last active coppice merchant in the n-west of England, she built a business specializing in hazel coppice and crafts. In 2000, together with colleagues, she formed the Bill Hogarth MBE Memorial Apprenticeship Trust (BHMAT) and has been running three-year apprenticeships in coppicing ever since. In 2011 she took the decision to pass her business to her apprentice and is now a Forestry Adviser with Cumbria Woodlands.