Gundog Health and Welfare

Tony Buckwell
Gundog Health and Welfare aims to provide concise guidance for those who aspire to acquire a healthy puppy as well as existing owners of gundogs so they might be reasonably informed on how best to ensure their dogs live healthy, happy, active lives and are able to assure their immediate care should they become ill or injured. The book covers: keeping your puppy healthy and introducing him to the outside world; reducing the risks of injury and disease; first aid in the field; recognising and dealing with illnesses and caring for the older dog.
Gundog Health and Welfare by Tony Buckwell

About the author

Tony Buckwell (BVet Med, DLAS, MRCVS) is a veterinary surgeon who worked in mixed, predominantly small animal practice, prior to a variety of senior management roles in industry, with a large animal breeder and in academia, each relating to the veterinary care and general welfare of a variety of animal species. Tony has a life-long passion for dogs, natural history and country pursuits. Tony volunteers his expertise to the Kennel club and regularly writes for Shooting Times magazine, answering questions on the health care and general welfare of working gundogs.