David Hancock
This book is about gundogs, those ever-willing companions of both sportsmen and discerning dog owners. Gundogs is not a manual covering training, grooming, nutrition and dog care; it is very much a celebration of the gundog's contribution to the sporting and companion dog scene, an examination of their past, their performance and their prospects in an increasingly urban society. Painstakingly researched, it covers the well-known recognized breeds and the more obscure ones from overseas, some quite unknown to the British public.
Gundogs by David Hancock

About the author

Colonel David Hancock MBE has studied dogs for over half a century in more than twenty countries. He is the author of ten previous books on dogs, and over 750 articles publishing in national and international magazines. In 2009 he won the annual award of the Dog Writers' Association of America. He is the author of Sporting Terriers and Sighthounds.