Handbook of Preserves

Lindy Wildsmith
In this highly illustrated book, experienced cookery teacher, Lindy Wildsmith, details everything you need to know about preserving fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and game, with useful tips and mouth-watering recipes. No matter how new you are to the craft, your everyday eating can be enhanced with unforgettable flavours. Basic techniques such as sterilization, pasteurisation and preserving methods are described, as are the potential pitfalls and helpful rescue techniques should things go wrong. Master recipes with clear step-by-step instructions, followed by suggested variations to help you experiment with your favourite flavours, and learn how to match spices, aromatics, herbs and drinks to the right fruit, vegetable, meat or fish.
Handbook of Preserves by Lindy Wildsmith

About the author

Lindy Wildsmith is an experienced teacher. While running her own cookery school, The Chef’s Room, she won the title of Best Cookery School in Wales in consecutive years. Today she teaches at the widely acclaimed School of Artisan Food, and online at Denman at Home, the virtual Women’s Institute cookery school. She is an award-winning author: her other titles include Cured, Artisan Drinks and Preserves.

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