Heat Treatment

Richard Lofting
The ability to perform heat treatments in the home workshop can be a very useful asset, enabling you to make, repair and maintain tools, to anneal and normalize work-hardened metals, and even to create decorative finishes. Heat Treatment is a practical guide to this valuable range of workshop techniques and how to employ them safely and effectively. Featuring step-by-step photography throughout, this book covers metals and their properties; building a heat treatment oven for the home workshop; case hardening, flame hardening and tempering and finally, decorative finishes with colour case hardening, oil blacking and enamelling.
Heat Treatment by Richard Lofting

About the author

Richard Lofting has been working with old machinery most of his life. He regularly writes in Tractor and Farming Heritage Magazine and Heritage Commercials Magazine, demonstrating repair techniques associated with these older vehicles and the correct procedures that should be followed. This is his fourth book for Crowood.