Herbal Elixirs

Sue Mullett Jade Harris
Did you know that gin was first created as an anti-malarial? Or that Buckfast Tonic Wine was created by Benedictine monks as a cure-all? Whilst alcohol is today best known for its intoxicating properties, in the past it was prized for its ability to extract and preserve the active elements from herbs. In fact, many of our favourite drinks were originally created for medicinal purposes. Herbal Elixirs is a detailed guide to the process of creating your own herb-based alcoholic drinks and an exploration of the rich history of similar drinks across Europe. Topics covered include: the history of herbal drinks in Europe; how to make your own tinctures, infusions and decoctions; the art of distillation: how to make alcohol and use a still; botanical information for identifying and using plants; recipes for restorative herbal drinks, and finally, a seasonal guide to foraging in the UK. Drawing on both natural and scientific research, this fascinating book will reacquaint you with this tradition, offering detailed explanations of the processes involved and sharing the skills to design and make your own herbal elixirs.
Herbal Elixirs by Sue Mullett Jade Harris

About the author

Sue Mullett is a qualified Medical Herbalist (BSc) and is the Distiller and Owner of the Bath Botanical Gin Distillery and Herbal Apothecary. For the last five years she has been combining her passion for herbal remedies with her skill as a distiller, producing her own range of gin-based herbal elixirs.
Jade Harris studied Archaeology and Classics with a particular interest in ancient medicine. She works as an assistant in the Distillery and has helped to create many of the herbal elixirs.