Hill Railways of the Indian Subcontinent

Richard Wallace
This book describes seven branch lines which climbed into the mountain ranges that span the length and breadth of the countries of India and Pakistan. Some - like the Darjeeling Himalayan - are well known, but others - like the Zhob Valley, Khyber Pass and Kangra Valley lines - are less so. Several of these railways were also the last bastions of steam operation in the sub-continent. Unsurprisingly, as hill railways, most of them reached remarkable heights, many using ingenious feats of engineering to assist their climb into seemingly impenetrable terrain. These lines served diverse locations, each with its own characteristics, from the hostile territories of the North-West Frontier, along the spectacular foothills of the Himalayas, skirting the Western Ghats of the Deccan down to the gentle rolling landscape of the Nilgiris, or Blue Hills, of South India. The book gives the histories of the seven hill railways including summaries of their operations and routes. Maps and gradient charts for all seven railway lines are given as well as listings of the locomotives operating the hill railways.
Hill Railways of the Indian Subcontinent by Richard Wallace

About the author

Richard Wallace has held a career in transport spanning forty-five years, finishing as European Policy Manager for Britain's passenger train operators. Now retired he still drives buses and coaches, both commercially and for museums. In 1989 he went to India to an offshore scheduling project for London Underground; the magic of the country and people enticed him back many times. Richard holds a Master's degree in Transport Policy and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport.