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Keith Thomas Brian Yorston Julio Romero Johnson
Home brewing has become increasingly popular, as a way to both make your own unique beer and develop a valuable skill to be proud of. Home Brew – A Guide to Brewing Beer offers a complete overview, from the basics of kit brewing, through to a full-scale mash brew, covering various types of beer, such as ale, bitter, stout, lager, porters, wheat beers and IPA . Combining eighty years of collective knowledge in the brewing industry, this valuable resource describes each stage of production, explaining basic concepts and exploring the key ingredients – malt, hops and yeast. The importance of hygiene is detailed with simple guidelines to ensure that your brew has long-lasting quality. Featuring a wide list of recipes to follow, with suggestions to vary ingredients and processing techniques, Home Brew will inspire and equip readers to create beers of their own imagination, providing an up-to-date view of contemporary brewing technology and ideas for the future.
Home Brew by Keith Thomas Brian Yorston Julio Romero Johnson

About the author

Keith Thomas is Founding Director of Brewlab Ltd, a specialist training provider. He taught microbiology at the University of Sunderland for twenty-six years, conducting research into brewing topics relevant to small-scale production and yeast physiology. Keith contributes to many technical and academic publications, including homebrew journals and conferences.

Brian Yorston has held senior brewing positions at Vaux, Shepherd-Neame, Wadworth and Thwaites breweries. He is currently Training Manager at Brewlab, overseeing course development and delivery of accredited certificate and diploma courses.

Julio Romero Johnson is a project manager at Brewlab, responsible for developing beers for clients and conducting research into specialist products such as gluten-free and low carbohydrate beers.

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