Richard Ford
Hostas originated mainly in Japan and were not introduced to Britain until the nineteenth century. They were grown and collected in Europe and America for the next two hundred years, but it was their move into containers that boosted their popularity and with their vibrant foliage made them an exuberant feature of gardens in the last twenty years. With the expert knowledge of Richard Ford, a Chelsea gold-medal winning nurseyman, this practical book looks at all aspects of their care and cultivation and will inspire everyone to make the most of hostas in their garden.

Hostas are irresistible: their vibrant foliage is an exuberant feature of beds and containers wherever they are seen.

This authoritative guide takes an in depth look at the genus, explains all aspects of planting and growing, advises on raising new plants and introduces more than a hundred varieties.

Beautifully illustrated with 250 colour photographs and 195 drawings.

Richard Ford is a Chelsea gold -medal winning nurseryman who has been specializing in hostas for over 25 years.
Hostas by Richard Ford

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About the author

Richard Ford graduated in botany from University College, London, followed by a postgraduate course specialising in plant pathology at Cambridge University. After 25 years in the crop protecting industry, Richard with his wife Mary set up Park Green Nurseries, which has now been established for over 25 years and specializes in hostas. Richard and Mary have been awarded 180 gold medals for their hosta displays, this tally includes over 60 Royal Horticultural Society gold medals with seven awarded at the Chelsea Flower Show.