How Airliners Fly

Julien Evans
If you are one of the millions of airline passengers who take to the air daily and have no idea how an aeroplane flies or how it is flown - but would like to find out - then this is the book for you. It is written by an airline pilot who knows from first-hand experience those questions that are asked most frequently. He knows that for many it is an interest born of curiosity, and in some cases, caused by fear. In this revised third edition Julien Evans explains, in straightforward everyday language, about the airframe and the engines, the flight deck and the controls, how the aeroplane is flown and the routines followed. In fact it explains everything the average passenger may wish to know.

An informative guide to understanding how an aeroplane flies and how it is flown.

Will be of great interest to aviation enthusiasts, frequent flyers and anyone interested in airliner operations.

In straightforward language it covers the airframe, the engines, the flight deck, the controls and much, much more.

Fully illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams throughout.

Julien Evans, now retired, had a 36-year career of airline flying as well as an instructor and examiner.
How Airliners Fly by Julien Evans

About the author

Julien Evans flew Boeing 737s, 757s and 767s during a 36-year career. He was also an instructor and examiner on these types. Now retired from airline flying, he maintains his interest in aviation generally and flies light aircraft.

Press Reviews

'balanced, informative, comprehensive, totally accurate and , most importantly, interesting'.

Pilot Magazine.

balanced, informative, comprehensive, totally accurate and , most importantly, interesting.

- Pilot Magazine