Indoor Rowing for Fitness and Competition

Darryl Wilkinson
At one time, indoor rowing machines were used mainly by seasoned outdoor rowers for winter training, but since the 1990s indoor rowing has expanded enormously and has grown into an individual sport in its own right. Every year international competitions take place, the most important being the World Championships, the European Championships and the British Championships, the latter being held in Birmingham.
Indoor Rowing for Fitness and Competition by Darryl Wilkinson

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About the author

Darryl Wilkinson has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over ten years and has gained professional fitness qualifications with many of the principal health and fitness training bodies in the UK. He works as a personal trainer, freelance writer, fitness tutor and assessor in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Darryl specializes in weight loss and endurance-based sports, including indoor rowing. His passion is to educate and motivate people in all areas of health and fitness, thus helping them to attain their goals.