Katie Jerram's Modern Horse Management

Katie Jerram Carolyn Henderson
Good stable management is at the heart of keeping a horse happy, healthy and sound, and anyone who is responsible for a horse's day-to-day care has a huge responsibility. In this book Katie Jerram offers advice that comes from years of private and commercial horse management and has been proven to work for horses and ponies of all shapes, sizes and roles. Whether you are a private owner wanting to do the best for your horse and get the most from him, a student looking forward to a career in the horse world or someone who already runs a yard, this book will show you ways to improve your horse management skills. It may require you to analyse why you follow practices you've carried out for years and perhaps change the way you operate. It may also reinforce some of the principles that have been the bedrock of horse management for many years, albeit by including new techniques.

The methods discussed here have been applied to show horses, racehorses, eventers and youngsters starting out their careers and the result is a long and continuing roll call of happy, healthy and successful horses.
Katie Jerram's Modern Horse Management by Katie Jerram Carolyn Henderson

About the author

Katie Jerram is one of the UK's most successful showing competitors, producing ridden horses in all categories. She also helps riders of all ages, from children to adults, and holds showing clinics across the country. Katie has a wide equestrian background, which includes experience in eventing and and also specialises in backing horses for all disciplines.
Carolyn Henderson is one of Britain's most respected freelance equestrian journalists. She is also a prolific author with nineteen books (including Snaffles, the first of the Compass Points series) under her belt. She is a keen horse owner and competitor, and particularly enjoys working with young and problem horses.

Press Reviews

'Even if you've owned horses for years, this is a helpful reference guide for brushing up on your equine husbandry skills'

'This is a perfect handbook for new riders and owners, it's a useful addition to the bookshelves of more experienced people, who are sure to find it will help them enhance their stable management skills.'