Keeping Pigs

Claire Scott James Adams Peter Siviter
Written by experts in the field, Keeping Pigs – A Practical Guide for Smallholders is the only pig-keeping book aimed both at the small-scale producer and at keepers of pigs as pets that is written from a veterinary and keeper perspective. It offers practical and achievable advice about all aspects of pig husbandry and health, enabling readers to understand how their pigs cannot just survive, but also thrive. This detailed guide is an invaluable source of reference for anyone considering keeping pigs, as well as those who have already embarked on their porcine adventure.
With hundreds of photos and diagrams, this book provides everything you need to know.
Keeping Pigs by Claire Scott James Adams Peter Siviter

About the author

Claire developed her love for smallholder pigs whilst practicing as a pig vet in the South West of England. She has delivered pig teaching across UK veterinary schools, to vets in practice and to both producers and pet pig keepers. She is now completing her PhD at the University of Bristol, exploring how smallholders prevent, diagnose and treat disease. 

James began his career in private farm animal veterinary practice, after which he has spent the past 10 years teaching at academic institutions where he aims to ensure that vets of the future receive dedicated teaching for pet pigs. James is a diplomat holder in Large Animal Internal Medicine from the American College of Internal Veterinary Medicine.

Pete is a farm vet from Dorset. A neighbour’s orchard pigs first sparked his interest in this species, and he has spent the last 10 years at Synergy Farm Health working closely with small scale pig producers, pedigree breeders and pet pig owners. Amongst his usual veterinary work Pete stewards pigs at the county show, writes countless articles and delivers pig training for other vets.

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